Being an Adult: What in the hell is a…

By the grace of God, the Gods, whatever you may believe in, I am graduating with a Master’s Degree in December!

I’ll finally, FINALLY, be done with school and I can get into the real world.

Which is all fun and well but as I’ve been going through job sites and considering applying, I’ve realized the education system does fail every single person that goes through its doors.

Why? Because I have no idea what in the hell anything is.

I know a bit more than most because I took an elective class explaining a lot of items such as retirement, loans, mortgages, and a bunch of other stuff. However, ask others my age and it’s usually blank stares or on some level confusion.

So I’ve decided to share my research with you. Because I think we can all benefit from understanding the importance of health benefits, dependents, and the difference between a 401k and Roth 401k.

You can check out my first post in the series: Being an Adult: What in the hell is a health premium?

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