19 Random Facts to Help With Boredom

Since we’re all in the house bored (or you should be unless you’re a selfish human being), here’s 19 random facts I’ve found in my free time. I thought I’d share. Cheers.

  1. Some woman made her wedding veil the length of 63 football fields. I can’t make this up.

2. The hashtag symbol is actually called an octothorpe. Which made me think of an octopus.

3. If you love unicorns, you should go to Scotland, where it’s the national animal. The Celts were really into purty and innoncence and magic and all kinds of cool stuff.

4. I have myrmecophobia, commonly known as a fear of ants. I’m not kidding. Ask Kyle about the flying ant situation in our house and how well I handled that.

5. Rubber duckies were actually created to be chew toys and were made solid in the begining. And then somone decided to make it plastic and throw it in a bathtub. Boom. Most popular toy on the planet today.

6. Four aircraft and 20 yachts go missing every year in the Bermuda Triangle. I just don’t understand why people keep going there.

7. Those of us who are average can hold our breaths for 30 minutes but those above average can hold their breath up to 2 minutes. Give it a try!

8. Petrichor is the earthy smell produced when rain hits soil. So YES, you can smell rain.

9. On average, about 100 kids will go to emergency rooms across the country for swallong foreign objects like pennies, magnets and earrings. Yes. Earrings.

10. One of the cutest endearments of the French that I learned was Mon petit chou. It’s usually used for children and it means “My little cabbage.”

11. James and Mary are the most popular names of the last decade, connected to over 4 million people and 3 million people respectively.

12. If it wasn’t for a kick ass woman called Jean Macnamara, we probs wouldn’t have a vaccine for polio. Women Power!

13. Peru, Indiana used to be the circus capital of the world.

14. Madame J.C. Walker was a native of Indianapolis and the first, self-made female millionare and she was black so YAS QUEEN. And this was in the late 1800s.

15. Olaf was right, turtles do technically breathe out of their butts.

16. There are over 9,000 species of birds.

17. Yoga is beneficial to literally anyone who does it because of all the forms you can do.

18. If you spent 1 minute looking at each piece of art in the Louvre, it would take you 64 days to see evrything. And this is without sleeping, eating or other breaks.

19. Aproximetly 40% of U.S. lakes are too polluted for swimming, fishing or aquatic life in general. So do better people.

Drink Water. STAY INSIDE. Stay Weird.

Justice xoxo

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