Real Thoughts About the Coronavirus Situation

Well to be quite frank dear readers: This whole situation sucks. And I mean sucks big time. So I’ve decided to write this post because people, and especially people my age, tend to push our emotions deep down inside because that’s what society says to do. And you know what? That’s bullshit.

So as a citizen, as a college student, as a poor person and as a decent human being, I’m going to allow myself five minutes to stress the fact that this whole thing does indeed SUCK.

Here we go:

Everyone is losing their ever loving minds.

This virus is spreading like it ain’t no joke. The entire world is shutting down. And it’s becoming APPARENT that people just disregard others health and don’t wash their hands which just makes me feel:

And the best part is: WE AREN’T EVEN TESTING PEOPLE LIKE WE SHOULD BE. The United States government is literally so incompetent I can’t even begin. The fact that celebrities are getting tested while the rest of us who don’t have lives like that have to just hope we don’t have it and go on with our lives, is crap. And people are losing their jobs, their only income sources and the government has yet to postpone rent payments.

Like??? For once, if they could actually do something productive and get relief to people RIGHT NOW that would be great. Because I know that me and every other college student is struggling right now. And I don’t even want to think about single parents. And Trump is actually reading off of teleprompters and documents which means even he can’t say some blubbering sentences and make this go away or cover it up.

And parenting. All the schools are shut down so parents are scrambling to figure out how to watch their kids and go to work and get paid and have enough food to feed everyone.

And what people don’t realize is that for those kids lucky enough to go to a good school, this will be fine. They won’t be behind. But for those kids in bad neighborhoods, in horrible schools that aren’t getting fixed, this will be detrimental to not only their academics but their lives in general.

And when it comes to Grocery Stores: Toilet paper has gone extinct. Meat does not exist anymore. Cheese is a thing of the past. And grown adults who can survive if they have to wipe their butts with paper towels are now buying out ALL of the baby wipes.

Yeah Karen, I’m talking to you. You DON’T need all that toilet paper and you certainly don’t need those baby wipes because you’re not on 19 kids and counting and you don’t have a baby. Not like my best friends who have my nieces and nephews and need those things to care for their babies and keep them secure because they quite literally can’t defend themselves. And while were at it, your selfishness is affecting college students, others with low-income, those on WIC and other benefits, because you came and raided the store FOR NO REASON and we live pay check to paycheck and have to buy groceries like that.

On top of all of all of this, people just have to go about being xenophobic and racist and I’M OVER IT. START BEING DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. Chinese food is NOT going to give you coronavirus. People of color don’t have a higher rate of spreading it around. Your ignorance is astounding and also affecting many local, family run businesses so just cut it, order some Chinese food and sit down.

And when things can’t get any worse, Disney closes. They push the release of Mulan. And all I really want is to go to Chick-Fil-A, order a large lemonade and a mac-and- cheese and relax in their sitting area but alas, that cannot be.

So there. I think I’ve let things go as Elsa has recommended and also said things that people have been wanting to say but haven’t so cheers to all. Feel free to share this, copy a portion and send it to someone because well, I’ve got to see what people are thinking the same thing as me (tag me though.) And if you’ve got any crazy corona stories I’d love to hear them because I can only imagine what people are seeing.

Drink Water. (LITERALLY CHUG IT) Wash Your Hands. (DO IT) Stay Weird.

Justice xoxo

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