2020: Follow Your Passion

Cottonbro on Pexels

New year, new you. New year, same you. New year, for the love of God USE YOUR TURNING SIGNAL.

Sorry, got off track there for a second.

Anyways, whatever your new years resolutions, goals, beginnings and ends are, one of them better include finally following the passion that you’ve been putting off for quite some time. I myself am taking this advice and have started writing my first novel which I will finish this year and get published by the end of 2021. (I like to call this, speaking it into existence.)

So here’s some motivation for every excuse I’ve heard from people who say they can’t do what they really want to.

The “I’m too young”

This one is my favorite because I hear it a TON from others my age and even from myself. You are never too young to go after what you want. If anything, you’re at the perfect time to go after whatever you want. And I’m going to say this loud and clear: IT IS OKAY TO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING. It may look like the rest of us have it together but I promise you we don’t. We’re all out here mentally in sweat pants, day-old T-shirts, chugging iced coffee and trying to not be poor.

Go play the field. Test the waters. If you don’t like the major your in, switch it. If you hate college and want to do something else, drop out. If you want to be in Cirque du Soleil, then get your butt into gymnastics and start stretching because that’s some work. For aspiring authors like myself, if you want to write a book, then write the God damn book.

Italo Melo on Pexels

The “I’m too old”

First of all, you’re never too old to do anything. Your body and mind are still capable of amazing things if you would just believe in yourself. You’ve obviously been putting off doing whatever you want to do for a while now, probably doing stuff for everyone else and making others happy, so it’s time to finally do something for yourself.

And before you even say “What about my wife, husband, kids, demogorgon that lives in my closet” — if those people really loved you, they would support whatever your passion is, no matter your age or what it is you want to do. As long as it’s not, like, becoming a serial killer or something.

The “I don’t have any money”

You will probably never have enough money to do everything that you want. I’m out here broke all the time but I’m still traveling and doing a bunch of other things. One of the main ways I do this is through budgeting. If you don’t know how, I would highly recommend that you start.

Budgeting is how Kyle and I have, and are going to continue, to travel to new and exciting places at a fraction of the cost. So if money is the only thing that’s holding you back, start saving, take out a loan or do whatever but DO IT. Money is fleeting, memories are forever.

Sebastian Voortman on Pexels

The “It’s Pretty Crazy”

From what my great-grandmother told me, a dream isn’t really a dream unless it’s completely far fetched. It should be something you have to work for, something that could happen any moment but at the same time could take some serious work. So if it’s crazy, good. That’s the first step.

My craziest dream right now is to publish my first book. Do you know how daunting it can be to go into a library everyday, look around, and realize that your book idea needs to be just as good as every other one that has been published there? That you’ll probably be fighting with thousands of other people who just want their manuscript looked at as well. Trust me. I know all about crazy.

The “I’m Scared” or “I’m Afraid to Fail”

You’re going to fail along the way. I’m sorry friend but that’s just the way it goes. But in every failure a success can be found after it if you make the most out of what you are doing. Multiple times now I’ve written something in my book and thought it was great, then went back and looked at it and was like “Wtf is this? Who tf is that? What does that mean?”

It’s okay to be afraid of the unknown. A dream has to become a reality and that can be scary. But if you have enough belief in yourself to go after it, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to achieve it. Or at least say you tried to later in life, with no regrets.

Andre Furtado on Pexels

An Important Note

To be completely honest, block and cut off any person in your life who doesn’t want to support you in whatever your passion is. Who is going to say “Okay, go do it” when you tell them you want to do something instead of question your every move and decision. This includes family and friends. Because we don’t have time for negativity all 2020.

If you have any excuses that I’ve missed, comment them below and I’ll add them to the list with some motivation. Everyone could use some and I hope that I’ve sparked a fire in at least one person reading this to go after whatever it is that you want and stop letting excuses and fears get in your way. You can do this. You’ve got my vote…support…you know what I mean.

Drink water. Stay weird.

Justice xoxo

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