I’m giving you the chance to try Stitch Fix for FREE. Thank me later.

I’m not a subscription box type of person so when I decided to try Stitch Fix, I was a bit skeptical. And lo and behold, my first box was not grand. It didn’t have my style, some stuff didn’t fit and I felt like maybe I had just wasted some money.

BUT ask me how I feel about Stitch Fix today? It’s too die for. If you haven’t at least tried it then I can promise you you’re missing out on some of the biggest fashion help in your life. (I’m literally wearing a piece from one of my fixes as I write this. It’s the blue dress that I’m wearing in my welcome photo on the blog.)

To start, stitch fix is for ANYONE. Men. Women. Children. Hobbits. Centaurs. Literally anyone who just wants a little help when it comes to keeping their wardrobe updated which, as I become an adult, I’ve begun to realize that business clothes of all levels are needed as well as at least 4 cardigans because every office in America is FREEZING. Alas, back to my point.

This is how it works. You sign up with my referral link because it gives you free money, $25 in free money to be specific. Without my referral link, it costs $20 to get a fix, which is what they call a “styling fee.” (***With my link, your first box is sent to you for free because of the credit. I’m literally giving you a free opportunity to try something out.)

HOWEVER, once you pay that $20, it’s taken off the cost of items in your fix. For example, you receive a fix with a shirt that’s $30. The $20 you already paid is deducted, leaving you with $10 to pay to keep the shirt. Think of it as an investment. If you decide to keep everything in your fix, you get 25 percent off your whole purchase. (We love a good discount!)

Once you sign up, you make your style profile. They ask you a zillion questions that may seem seem tedious but in the end is super helpful because it pinpoints your style. You can also put down what things you don’t want to receive. For example, my ears aren’t pierced, so I specifically put down that I don’t want to receive any earrings. You can also put a price range if you’re a poor broke college student like me.

My favorite thing about Stitch Fix is that everything I buy always lasts forever. I’ve had little to no problems when it comes to wear and tear of stuff. Everything is always made from the best fabric so it’s all soft and breathable. I wear an item I’ve bought from Stitch Fix at least every other week.

From there you get paired with a stylist. They get to become skilled in the fashion sense of you. What you like, what you hate, the fact that stripes make you look like a bloated whale in my case. My stylist’s name is Kary. She (or he) is super sweet, fun and always knows exactly what kind of thing I want or exactly what to give me if I don’t know what I want. Every month you have the opportunity to leave your stylist a note on what you want in your fix.

Once you get a fix, you have three days to go online and checkout. Keep the things you want, put the other items in their provided return postage bag and return them. It’s that easy. And you get to try it for your first time FOR FREE. Literally just try it and if you don’t like anything in it, just send it all back. No money lost for you. Then you can come back to this post and yell at me.

Other things that you should know (or that I just want to remind you about):

  1. All returns or exchanges are FREE. Yes, that’s right. Everything you need to send stuff back or exchange an item is included in your box when you get it.
  2. You can choose the frequency of your fix. I get one monthly. You can sometimes also choose the exact day you want to get it (perfect for a birthday!)
  3. You can always update your style profile or take more style quizzes to give them a better idea of what you like.
  4. Your $20 styling fee gets deducted from any item you buy in your fix. It’s like an investment.
  5. If you buy everything in your box, you get 25 percent off your purchase.

I would not steer you wrong. Give it a shot, use my link to sign up and let me know how your first Fix goes!

Drink water. Stay weird.

Justice xoxo

LInk to referral: https://www.stitchfix.com/invite/justiceamick?sod=w&som=c

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